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Tabletop Heater Parts

Find All Of The Parts Needed For Your Table Top Heater

Tabletop Complete Pilot Assembly Hiland Anti Tilt Switch Piezoelectric Striker Switch

  SKU Product Our Price
TTHP-RFL-ADP Hiland 1 lb refill adapter connection $21.99
GA09 Hiland Portable Adapter Hose 10 Foot $44.99
TTHP-ADH Hiland Portable Adapter Hose 5 Foot $34.99
GTTHP-RRING Neoprene Ring for Glass Tube Table Top Heater $14.99
TTHP-SHIELD Hiland Tabletop Heat Reflector Shield $39.99
TTHP-CV-HS Hiland Tabletop Complete Valve $54.99 (Save 30%)
TTHP-BS Hiland Tabletop Burner Screen $34.99
TTHP-MBS Hiland Table Top Master Bolt Set $17.99
TTHP-REG Hiland Tabletop Regulator $21.99
TTHP-THERMO-THREAD Table Top Thermocouple (Threaded) $25.99
TTHP-THERMO Hiland Tabletop Heater Thermocouple $25.99
TTHP-WPAS Hiland 2014 Tabletop Complete Pilot Assembly $29.99
TTHP-PAS 2009 Hiland 2009-2013 Tabletop Complete Pilot Assembly $29.99
TTHP-PFT-LM Pilot Feed Tube Large Male Fitting $18.99
TTHP-PFT-RND Pilot Feed Tube Round Orifice $18.99
TTHP-PFT-HEX Pilot Feed Tube Hex Orifice $18.99
THP-MCV-FEMALE Hiland Main Control Valve Female Outlet $29.99
THP-ATS Hiland Anti Tilt Switch (Prior to 2009) $24.99
THP-ATM Hiland Anti Tilt Switch (2009 and Newer) $17.99
TTHP-PZ Hiland Patio Heater Starting Striker Switch with striker wire $21.99
THP-STRIKER WIRE Hiland Igniter Wire with striker $15.99
THP-PZ Hiland Piezoelectric Striker Switch $15.99 (Save 20%)
THP-PCK Hiland Plastic Control Knob $12.99
TTHP-WC Hiland Tabletop Protective Burner Cage $24.99
TTHP-CIH Hiland Cast Iron Weight Plate $24.99
GTTHP-BURNER Hiland Table Top Glass Tube Burner $47.99
GTT-BS Hiland Table Top Glass Tube Burner Screen $21.99
GTTHP-SHIELD Hiland Table Top Glass Tube Heat Shield $21.99
GTTHP-GLASS-2.75x16 Hiland Tabletop Glass Tube Replacement $27.99