AZ Patio Heaters


For all warranty issues please email Include your name, address, phone number, parts needed, and a copy of your receipt. We will contact you by the next business day.

Download our Care and Maintenance Guide here:

Care and Maintenance Guide

Download your Patio Heater Owners Manual here:

Tall Patio Heaters

HLDS01-CGT Owners Manual

Tall Patio Heater Manual 2008 and newer

Tall Patio Heater Manual Prior to 2008

Tapered Model

PRM-M-48 Tall Patio Heater Manual

Wicker Heaters

HLDS01-WHSQ Square Wicker Heater

HLDS01-WHDK Round Wicker Heater

HLDS01-CWHDK Tapered Wicker Heater

Commercial Patio Heaters

Commercial Heater Manual 2400/2650

Commercial Heater Manual HS-PC/SH/SS

Commercial Natural Gas Heater Manual GS-2600-NG

Glass Tube Patio Heaters

4 Sided GlassTube Heater

3 Sided GlassTube Heater

Natural Gas Patio Heaters

HSS-NG-SS Owners Manual

NG-GT-BRZ Owners Manual

Table Top Patio Heaters

Table Top Heater Manual

Table Top Glass Tube Heater Manual

Propane Fire Pits

GSF-RFP Firepit Owner's Manual

GSF-PC & GSF-PCSS Firepit Owner's Manual

GSF-DGH & GSF-DGHSS Firepit Owner's Manual

GSF-PR-PC Firepit Owner's Manual

F-1108-FPT Firepit Owner's Manual

F-1201-FPT Firepit Owner's Manual

FS-1010-T-12 Firepit Owner's Manual

F-1350-FPT Firepit Owner's Manual

WLF-HEX Firepit Owner's Manual

WLF-SLT Firepit Owner's Manual

WLF-LTC Firepit Owner's Manual

GFT-60843 Firepit Owner's Manual

GFT-51030A Firepit Owner's Manual

HF-OCT Firepit Owner's Manual

HF-RND Firepit Owner's Manual


Wood Burning Fire Pits

FT-022 Firepit Owner's Manual

FT-235 Firepit Owner's Manual

FT-51133D Firepit Owner's Manual

FT-51216 Firepit Owner's Manual


Smokers/Pizza Ovens

HIL-5502-SMK Charcoal Smoker Owner's Manual

HIL-5525-SMK Propane Smoker Owner's Manual

PSL-SPOC Pizza Oven Owner's Manual

Using Your Pizza Oven

Electric Heaters

HIL-6011 Bar Height Table

HIL-1500DI Adjustable Standing Electric Heater

HIL-3029 Tall Infrared Heater With Table

HIL-6084SH-T Telescopic Tall Infrared Heater

HIL-1P Umbrella Heater Manual

HIL-3W Wall Mount Electric Heater

HIL-1531 Heater Manual

HIL-1821 Heater Manual

HIL-2125 Heater Manual

HIL-1898 Heater Manual

ZHQ1537 Heater Manual

HIL-PHE-1500BR Heater Manual

HIL-TW15R Heater Manual

HIL-WG-01 Heater Manual

HIL-PHB-1500 Heater Manual

Tank Top Heaters

LP-195C Portable Camping Heater

LP-5000-BD Dual Burner

LP-5000-BS Single Burner

Shop Heaters

HIL-SHOP-D125 Heater

HIL-SHOP-LP40 Heater

HIL-BG-E2B Heater